Friday, December 08, 2006

2006 event info

In December 2006, most of the PSC planning group members met to discuss the PSC 2007 direction. It was a time for reflection on the projects and progress we made in the past year and a chance to look to the future.

Skills Build Forum 8 was held on Dec 2.
Participants and panelists really took to the new Take Action Session.

Skills Build Forum 7 was held on Sept 23.
We had a wonderful group of participants and panelists.

Find forum photos here.

NGO Matsuri in Ueno a huge success !
September 10 -
More than 300 people joined the Matsuri. PSC volunteers - Rebecca, Dawn, Pania and Sarajean - gave distributed more than 150 forum 7 fliers, while also introducing PSC, Forums and new projects.

Pania and Dawn also ran two workshops which were a big hit with young and old!

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